Do you have a preference or even a condition that the person you date be another single parent?  I know love is hard enough to find without putting conditions on it but personally, I am finding that another single parent ups the compatibility score.  A common saying I often hear when dating other single parents is that we both “get it”.  ”It” being an understanding that our lives as parents to our children takes precedence over anything and everything.

I mean, would a non-parent be as understanding if you had to cancel a date because your child wasn’t feeling well?  As single parents we’ve all had to alter our plans at one time or another because of our children.  We’ve learn to take it in stride and can even appreciate and respect another parent putting their children ahead of all else.  I find it a “turn-on” and is a good gauge of how she may be with my own child.

Then there is being able to relate to each other as single parents.  The hectic and sometimes chaotic life of a single parent is so unique that I think only another single parent can truly understand what it is like…the struggles, the loneliness, the feeling of being overwhelmed, and the little triumphs that keep us going.  There is so much too do, so much you wish for, and so little time to do it all.  The personal satisfaction at the end of the day when the dishes are done, laundry is folded, your child is sound asleep in bed, and you kiss him on his forehead and tell him “I love you so much my son”.  A non-parent may find it hard to understand but another single parent knows from experience that it’s things like this that keep us going.

And if the other single parent has a child similar in age to your own, it makes things a lot easier in introducing each other to the children.  The introduction isn’t done as “here’s daddy’s or mommy’s special friend” but as just a playdate (I am thinking in terms of young children; things may be a little different with teenagers).

I’d love to hear about other single parents’ experiences in dating other single parents as well as non-parents.

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