We all do it.  Making sure our kids’ hairs are combed before school.  I bathe my son before he goes to bed and sometimes his hair will still be a little damp when he falls asleep.  I don’t know if you’ve ever gone to bed with damp hair but it can lead to some interesting hair “styles” when you wake up.

So the other day my son woke up with one of these hairdos and I put some water on it to make it comb-able.  As hard as I tried, a few strands of hair just wouldn’t sit down!  If you’re old enough to remember the “Little Rascals”, you remember Alfafa (sp?) and his hair.  Well that’s what I was dealing with.  Between fixing him breakfast, packing his lunch, having him go “poo poo” (my son is a morning “poo poo’er”), getting him dressed, and all else that goes with the school day morning routine, we were on a tight time clock.  After a few minutes of trying to get those few strands of hair to sit down, I told my son “ok let’s put our shoes on, we have to get going”.

He looked at himself in the mirror, bent his head slightly forward to see the top of his head, and then said “I like it flat”!  In response, I said “your hair looks fine kiddo”.  And him…”no, see that?  make it flat”!  Mind you, he is 5 yrs old!

I couldn’t help laughing and somewhat amazed as I felt like he was maturing right before my eyes.  …and images of John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever (SNF)” flashing in my head!  I don’t know if you remember but it’s the dinner scene where his father touches his hair and Travolta says “hey not the hair!”.

I grabbed the hair gel I had sitting around for those SNF karaoke nights and put a dab on the stubborn strands of hair to get it to sit “flat”.  My son looked at it and said “yea, yea, I like it”.  As we were walking out of the bathroom, he asked me “can we use that everyday”?

I thought, never let this boy watch SNF!

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