What prompts single parents to search the web for single parenting info?  When I became a single custodial parent, I started reading single parenting sites and blogs as a way to learn to be a better single parent and see how other single parents were coping with the challenges that we all face.  And I found a great deal of information in these areas, but I also discovered, to my surprise, that dating is a HUGE part of internet talk by single parents.

datingBeing the working custodial dad of a 5 year old boy, my week is filled with getting him ready for school, rushing off to work, and then racing back to pick him up after school….then of course, the  real day begins as after school hours are the real parenting time.  The day then doesn’t end until I tuck him in and read him his nightly stories.  By the time I am done, all I can think about is either going to bed, sitting down catching up on some reading, or just sitting in front of the TV “vegging” out.  Who has time for dating???

Even if I had the time and energy to date, I am not sure if I would have the emotional availability to give to a relationship.  And without being able to give a part of my heart to another person, I don’t think it would be fair to start down that road to intimacy.  I’m sure some may say just do it for the “booty call” or find a FWB, but at this point in my life, sex for sex sake just isn’t that important to me.  Maybe it’s my age or being emotionally and physically drained by the divorce and devoting my life to my son, but pure physical intimacy just isn’t very appealing.

But as I’ve seen, dating and sex seems to be a “hot” topic at many single parenting blogs.  So how about you?  How often do you go on dates, and do you do it with the hope of meeting that someone “special” or does just physical intimacy suffice?  …and how do you find the time???

How often do you date?

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